Facebook Privacy Joke

Facebook has yet proven than user privacy isn’t a priority!

As they say: “if you’re not paying for the product, you are the product“, Facebook apparently isn’t an exception here.

You probably already know that most Facebook revenue is coming from ads, it allows you to use its services for free in exchange to track you and gather more information about you in order to build a “digital profile” that can be used in order to target you with relevant ads. Read More

VoIP apps

ANRT … Seriously, you’re doing it WRONG!

While other countries are moving on with new technologies, our beloved country (Morocco) seems to like watching others from the back, in the last month the ANRT (agence nationale de réglementation des télécommunications, English: National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency) stopped VoIP in 3G and 4G technologies and said that it will do the same with WiFi and ADSL networks. Read More