Facebook Privacy Joke

Facebook has yet proven that user privacy isn’t a priority!

As they say: “if you’re not paying for the product, you are the product“, Facebook apparently isn’t an exception here.

You probably already know that most Facebook revenue is coming from ads, it allows you to use its services for free in exchange to track you and gather more information about you in order to build a “digital profile” that can be used in order to target you with relevant ads. Read More


IBM Security Identity Manager (a.k.a ISIM) is an automated and policy-based solution that manages user access across IT environments, helping to drive effective identity management and governance across the enterprise. By using roles, accounts, and access permissions, it helps automate the creation, modification, and termination of user privileges throughout the entire user lifecycle.

ISIM has been using WebServices, JAVA API and REST API for a while, although the first two has been introduced a long time ago, REST API is relatively new, in this article, I will provide you with some common REST calls to get you up to speed. Read More


Integrate IBM Security Directory Server with QRadar (and any other SIEM)

IBM Security Directory Server (SDS) has been the go-to LDAP solution for lot of customers around the world, some of them are using it to achieve simple business needs, others are using it for complex and advanced use cases, it also comes bundled with the majority of IBM products including the IAM solutions, Domino and others, for audit purposes, you may find yourself in need to feed you SIEM solution with SDS logs, specially when SDS is used as a critical component such as a user repository or an authenticator…In this article, I’ll show you how you can achieve this integration using the built-in tool called idslogmgmt. Read More